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Helping Nepal

Photo Journey usually gives money back to Nepal, but 2020 has not allowed us to venture back this year, and we have been unable to help some of the people most in need.So we are going to do something about it! Two of the very best charities who operate in Nepal are Hello World and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. These charities really know how to make a difference, and with your help, they will continue to fundamentally improve lives for those most at risk in Nepal. Hello World works with marginalised communities to provide access to education through online learning, and the Gurkha Welfare Trust looks after those ex-Gurkhas and their widows who served the British Army, but were discharged before they received a pension, and now live in poverty.How will you be able to help? It is simple. Please donate. As much as you can. And we will ensure this money goes directly to these charities at their point of need.Some people really need a boost at this time of year, and 2020 has meant that charities have really struggled to provide the help they work so hard to offer. Hello World and the Gurkha Welfare Trust will continue to operate in Nepal throughout 2021, and with your donation, more of the most needy people will receive that help. Thank you so much for your efforts in making this possible!

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Johnny Fenn

Such important charities to donate to! Please also help if you possibly can!

Adam Crook

Keep up the good work guys!

Rock hamster

Great work, probably needed now more than ever! Well done!

roger williams

Mark, Keep up the good work! Hope you manage to get a couple of expeditions going this year. Take care, Roger

Junkaji Gurung

Keep up the good work saheb .

Madan Rana

All the best in raising fund for the good cause. Thank you for all the support back home.

Mike Carter

Shabash Johnny and Mark


Thanks for doing some much needed fundraising in a developing country (which are kind of getting ignored because Uk is in a crisis)

Tim Eggett

Gurkhas are awesome ???? Thank you for your service ????

Simon Jardine-Blake

Really happy to be able to contribute

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