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Aid Ukraine

More than 10 million people across Ukraine have fled the only lives they have ever known, and many still have no safe place to call home. The situation on the ground is serious, and as the winter cold arrives, the conditions for many will unfortunately get worse.

Hoping to make a difference, during the month of December, the team at THIS (Travel & Health Insurance Series) and Gadget John, collected donations from monetary donors, sponsors as well as receiving donated equipment from other companies and brands. Shortly after the fundraiser, both Kirsty (THIS) and John travelled personally to Ukraine to hand-deliver the donations to those in need. 

This humanitarian mission was made possible through a collaboration with Inherent Risks, Forward Assistance & Support Team (F.A.S.T.) who ensured that the team were able to travel as safely as possible to Ukraine. 

Whilst on the ground, we met with families in need and visited the main Hospital in the city. A heartbreaking moment was being led into a dilapidated basement, to find a neonatal ward of very unwell, vulnerable premature babies. The staff, although remaining incredibly positive and professional are lacking basic medical supplies. And this is where we can help. 

We want to do all that they can to provide much needed medical supplies, from a list that has been directly provided by the hospital. As well as essential winter supplies that will be delivered to those who need them most. 

Thank you for any donation, great or small – it will really make such a huge difference to those in need.

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Gadget John

This is my YouTube ad revenue from the mission videos

Kevin Parker

Keep up the good work John and don’t be afraid to show your emotions on your channels!

Patrick Walsh

Well done John, Great work


Keep up the good work x


Great work

Tim Stradling

Slavs Ukraini

John Douglas

Sorry it can’t be more

Paul Thrower

Well done John Good luck on the next trip

Sean Taylor

God bless the people of Ukraine 💙💛

Paul Benton

Great initiative.

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